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Vegetable oil biofuel blend can reduce ship emissions 20 percent, finds GCMD trial

Image: GoodFuels.com

Net carbon emissions can fall up to 20 percent if ships use a vegetable oil biofuel blend compared with marine gasoil, the results of a trial by the Global Centre for Maritime Decarbonisation found.

The center's third of five trials tested a dual-fuel liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) carrier by using a blend of 30 percent hydrotreated vegetable oil produced from waste and residues.

Using the blend resulted in an 83 percent reduction in emissions compared to using fossil-based marine gasoil, GCMD said in a statement. The center tested the mid-sized gas carrier Kaupang operated by Eastern Pacific Shipping. The fuel was supplied by GoodFuels, which delivered about 200 metric tons of the biofuel blend to GCMD.  

In a statement, Johannes Schürmann, Commercial Director at GoodFuels, said: "By applying our groundbreaking physical fuel tracing technology in practice in this pilot, we are jointly taking another significant stride towards a more transparent bunker industry that is geared towards decarbonisation in a scaleable way. Transparency is becoming even more crucial as we are now starting to bring the new generation of Sustainable Marine Fuels to market. The ability to access reliable technical insights and sustainability guarantees in every step of the supply chain is absolutely essential." 

GCMD is running an $18 million project that tests different biofuel blends to reduce carbon emissions from shipping. The sector accounts for about three percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, and the International Maritime Organisation has announced the sector will reach Net Zero by 2050.

Global shipping company Maersk will test its first green fuel ship with green methanol from chemicals major OCI this year. It has ordered 25 green fuel ships so far

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