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WESD 2022: Top 6 Winners of Global Start-up Showcase Program 2.0

The 2022 edition of World Energy Storage Day (WESD) hosted the Global Startup Showcase 2.0 in the areas of Smart Energy, Energy Storage, Electric Mobility, Energy Access, Green Hydrogen and IoT. The initiative gave an opportunity for start-ups from across the globe to showcase their products and technologies to key industry stakeholders at the virtual conference and expo of WESD.

The showcase is an initiative under the Global Start-up Outreach Program, piloted by Customized Energy Solutions, and supported by New Energy Nexus and Climate Collective.  

With over 95 + applications received for the Global Startup Showcase 2.0, 12 start-ups were shortlisted by an eminent jury panel and invited to present at the pitch session of WESD 2022. Top 10 start-ups were given free virtual booth to exhibit their products and technologies exclusively to the 20,000 + global audience including investors, industry players, policy makers and so on.

Of the 12 start-ups shortlisted for the pitch session, top six winners were adjudged by a group of investors from different organizations, including Dr. Rahul Walawalkar, Vinayak Walimbe, and Chandrashekhar Chincholkar from CES; Mahavir Sharma from Tie India Angels; Nalin Agarwal of Climate Seeds Fund; Christine Vincent of Tech Innovations; Rohit Jhunjhunwala from The Chennai Angels; Satishchandra Wani from Astral Thermal Technologies; Dr. Arvind Dhingra from STEP-TBI; Himanshu Sharma from Theia Ventures; Ankur Dubey from Jupiter Capital; John Wood of NOAB Ventures; Shreyansh Singhal from Ankur Capital; and Kasturi Gomatham representing Shell. 

The jury considered 5-fold eligibility criteria to declare the winners. This includes the start-ups business idea in the light of their innovation or disruption quotient and fit with the WESD focus; product or service value proposition; market potential and business scalability; capabilities and execution potentials of the founding team; and investment readiness to gauge the potential of the start-ups to fund their working capital and cash flow, and potential to raise external funds for growth. 

The top six winners were offered a one-year complimentary IESA membership under the bronze category, along with WESD 2022 Global Start-up Showcase 2.0 winner certificates. IESA has vowed to further hand hold these start-ups in their entrepreneurial journey by understanding their requirements for scaling up and assist them accordingly. 
The top 12 start-ups shortlisted for the pitch session on WESD 2022.

Winners Profiles - Global Start-up Showcase Program 2.0 

1. EarthEn

Name of Applicant: Manas Pathak, CEO

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

EarthEn's Energy Pod is a grid-scale Energy Storage solution that uses CO2 and allows storage of excess energy from solar and wind for long and short durations.

2. Sheru

Name of Applicant: Kavin Aadithiyan C, Content Lead

Location: India

Sheru is aggregating idle battery capacity from EVs and creating a storage network and providing it to energy producers for their storage needs.

3. LiNa Energy

Name of Applicant: Will Tope, Chief Commercial Officer

Location: Lancaster, England, United Kingdom

LiNa is commercializing safe, sustainable, solid-state sodium batteries that contain no lithium, graphite or cobalt.

4. TriNANO Technologies

Name of Applicant: Dr. Harsh V. Sethi, CEO

Location: Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

TriNANO Technologies is developing Solid state Nano Coating for Solar Panels made of inorganic or oxide material, applied by patented "Electro-deposition" method on Solar Panels, to improve power output and reduce maintenance costs and frequency. 

5. One Point Five DC

Name of the Applicant: Prasad Vaishnav, CEO

Location: Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

The company is promoting bi-directional mobile DC Fast EV charger, offered both as a product and as a service platform to provide on demand customized DC Fast EV Charging-as-a-Service (EVCaaS) at footstep, doorstep, in city and on highways. 

6. SolidT

Name of the Applicant: Ariel Popper (Management)

Location: Petach Tikva Israel

SolidT EV thermal solution is based on small, efficient thermoelectric units which can cool or heat any of the battery modules without the need for compressors, mechanics, gas, or any standalone systems for cooling or heating.

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