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iGowise Mobility: Towards sustainable and accessible E2W solutions

"We at iGo are on a relentless mission to make safe, smart and sustainable mobility easily accessible to everyone with modular and customizable E2W technology platforms that OEMs can adopt in place of imported designs that compromise on quality and safety", writes Sravan Appana*, CEO of iGowise Mobility.

Sravan Appana, CEO of iGowise Mobility.

The way vehicles are built has undergone a significant transformation over time. With the rise in pollution levels and advancement of technology, the concept of manufacturing and the use of vehicles have completely changed. The vehicle manufacturing companies are now taking a step forward towards sustainability and environmental friendliness.

iGo is a new-age EV manufacturing company that is born with the ethos of comprehensive sustainable mobility at its core. Right from designing high capacity, low footprint vehicles with unparalleled safety features, to reducing the manufacturing footprint by limiting the usage of plastic, and enabling reuse and recycle of e-waste including batteries, we believe that environmental concerns and customer experience can go hand-in-hand.

Our entire vehicle technology platform is engineered around the principles of safety, smart mobility, and sustainability. For instance, our approach to safety goes way beyond just ensuring battery and charging safety. Our advanced driving assistance (ADAS) encourages appropriate user behavior and road etiquette through predictive data analytics. We have incorporated the proprietary smart stabilization twin-wheel technology for E2Ws that allows firm road grip, ultra-low center of gravity on demand stabilization without using expensive, energy demanding gyros.

Further, our idea of smartness has led us to what can be called as the world's first production-ready 'Auto-summoning, Auto-parking, Auto-docking' motorbike. Features built into the system are SOS, remote speed limitation, financier and fleet dashboard, ready-assist, geo-fencing, anti-theft and 5G compatibility. 

iGowise Mobility's Trigo E2W platform.
On sustainability, we move beyond electrification to incorporate not just environmental considerations, but also economical and social equitable. For instance, our aim is to decrease traffic congestion by reducing four-wheeler cab usage for individuals by providing the comfort, space and stability of a 4-wheeler in a narrow road footprint. We also aim to reduce the need for ownership of personal vehicles, and minimize the overall number of trips needed and contribute to lessening the number of accidents and spillage costs.

iGowise Mobility has a robust, modular and customizable motorcycle platform catering to private user applications, ride-sharing, e-commerce logistics, and other use-cases. We have also developed an all-weather variant on this technology platform to address the large gap that exists between a motorbike and a car.

Taking a step closer to our plans, we are all set to license our platform and technology to any OEM that is readily willing to commit to our vision on zero-carbon footprint and sustainability. We are very confident that this will provide a viable alternative to E2W makers relying on cheap and low quality imported designs and components to cater to the demand from their consumers. 

*Sravan Appana is the CEO of Bengaluru-based iGowise Mobility. 

Views and opinions expressed in the article are personal, and does not reflect the standpoint or endorsement of Emerging Technology News (ETN). 

Author : ETN
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