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Cummins to build 20 MW electrolyzer at Atura Power’s Niagara Hydrogen Centre

Left to Right: Cummins Managing Director of Hydrogen Technologies - Americas, Alex Savelli and Executive Director of Electrolyzer Engineering, Maite Rivas; Atura Power President and CEO, Shelley Babin and Hydrogen Sector Lead, Kelly Grieves

Atura Power has selected Cummins to design and manufacture the electrolyzer system for its Niagara Hydrogen Centre in Niagara Falls, Ontario. This will be Canadian province's first 20MW green hydrogen facility.

Cummins' proton exchange membrane electrolysis system will be manufactured at its Mississauga facility and will be powered by renewable hydroelectricity. "The Niagara Hydrogen Centre is our flagship facility that will set the pace for our green and low-carbon hydrogen projects," said Shelley Babin, Atura Power President and CEO.

This project aims to build one of Canada's largest green-energy hubs. Detailed design work and system integration are underway, with plans to bring the Niagara Hydrogen Centre online in early 2024. 

Atura Power conducted a competitive procurement process in early 2022, and Cummins provided a strong technical solution for the Niagara Hydrogen Centre. 

Cummins acquired its Mississauga-based Hydrogenics in 2019 and has continued to expand its hydrogen and other zero-emissions technology portfolio, which includes PEM and alkaline electrolyzer solutions. 

Atura Power, an enabler of clean energy is implementing a low-cost, low-carbon hydrogen program and helping build the hydrogen economy in Ontario. It is a subsidiary of Ontario Power Generation, and supports the net-zero goals outlined in OPG's Climate Change Plan. It is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and being a leader in facilitating wide adoption of hydrogen across Ontario.

Green and low-carbon hydrogen will offset emissions in a variety of applications such as:

  • a low-carbon fuel substitute for feedstock in high-emitting industrial processes
  • blending hydrogen with natural gas to reduce its carbon impact
  • powering fuel cells in vehicles to help decarbonize the heavy-duty and long-haul trucking industry
Author : Kathy Priyo
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