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All for each, our greening reach

Ashok Thakur, Chief Editor-ETN

Whenever I look at an image of the earth taken from space, I think what a beautiful world we live in… spinning around the ultimate source of energy, keeping all that thrive on it nourished and secure.

And often that thought dissipates like a pricked balloon.

Rising temperatures that are causing global fires, heating the waters that cook the very fish that live in them, melting the glaciers; imbalance of seasons that bring unpredicted floods, deluging rains, landslides… the situation is alarming and getting worse… Is this for real I ask?

According to the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report, it is a saddening fact… scientists are observing changes in the Earth's climate in every region across the world.

But looking at the positive side, as I normally do, the stark facts have rattled the world to wake up to the disturbing climate changes. In their way, nations are coming together to combat the destructive changes – finding ways to harness the power of nature and mitigate the harmful effects of man's irresponsibility.

The Paris Climate Agreement, the UN climate change Conference of Parties, the various renewable energy alliances, the Sustainable Goals development, various climate change programs, and earth summits. Goals are being announced for 2050: greening the electric grid through better implementation of renewables and integrated storage; decarbonizing; increased application of newer technologies like green hydrogen; electrifying transportation, and other efforts.

The Questions we need honest answers to is – are our efforts enough? are they soon enough, hard enough, and sincere enough?

we are making a united effort to bring about a change for the better in the lives of all the peoples of the world…

This special issue, that marks the commemoration of the World Energy Storage Day (WESD September 22, 2021), we have tried to give you a glimpse of the luminaries that are lighting up the path to green power, sustainable energy, and a zero-emission future. ETN has put together a list of industry leaders and rising stars, who by their insight and foresight are pushing the boundaries. Their endeavors and beliefs support the cause of the world as a whole.

Through WESD, we hope to provide a common platform for all green energy proponents to collectively find a way to together work out a policy that truly makes energy accessible and affordable to all. WESD is not an event – it is a global movement to unite the world in this effort, to bring together the nations, the multinationals, and conglomerates, the big and the small… all for each.

Author : Ashok Thakur
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