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ETN Know More: Stationary Energy Storage

A collection of the top articles on ETN.news spanning the stationary energy storage sector.

The US Department of Energy has awarded $125 million over four years to support multi-disciplinary fundamental research that addresses long-standing and emerging challenges for rechargeable batteries. 

A look at Tesla's upcoming factory, dedicated to the manufacturing its BESS 'Megapack' systems. The facility, located in Lathrop, California, is considered a strategic investment to step up its energy storage vertical. 

Fluence Energy announced it had surpassed 20 GWh of deployed and contracted energy storage systems globally, calling it an "industry-leading milestone". Experts predict FTM additions will touch 158 GWh a year by 2030.

Tokyo Electric Power and Toyota Motor have developed a 3 MWh stationary BESS with an output of 1 MW made out of EV batteries. The system, installed in Japan, will undergo comprehensive verification over the coming years. 

Notes from the India Pavilion at COP28, which hosted an event on cost-effective energy systems for energy transition and integration of renewable energy, under the aegis of the country's Central Electricity Authority. 

Form Energy, which manufactures propriety iron-air batteries for long-duration energy storage, will deploy a 15 MW / 1,500 MWh system for Georgia Power, USA. The system is expected to come online by 2026. 

Author : Mandar Bakre
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