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CATL's EnerOne BESS secures ees Award 2022 at The smarter E Europe

Image Courtesy: CATL

CATL has announced that EnerOne, its modular outdoor liquid cooling LFP BESS has won the ees AWARD at the ongoing The smarter E Europe, the largest platform for the energy industry in Europe, epitomizing CATL's innovative capabilities and achievements in the new energy industry.

With the support of long-life cell technology and liquid-cooling cell to pack (CTP) technology, CATL rolled out LFP-based EnerOne in 2020, which features long service life, high integration, and a high level of safety. The cells with a capacity of 280 Ah have a discharge rate of 1C and a cycle life of up to 10,000 cycles. The integrated frequency conversion liquid cooling system helps limit the temperature difference among cells within 3 ℃, which also contributes to its long service life.

It has a nominal capacity of 372.7 kWh with a floor space of just 1.69 square meters. The system is suitable for inverters with operating voltages ranging from 600 to 1500 volts. EnerOne can be efficiently shipped as a complete product, which greatly reduces on-site installation costs and commissioning time.

EnerOne can be used flexibly in outdoor applications, thanks to the protection level IP 66 of the main components and the adaptability to an ambient temperature range of -30 to +55 ℃. It has passed various critical tests on the cell, module, and rack levels. EnerOne has obtained the UL9540A test report, and in this test, there's no fire and no extra thermal propagation without the help of a fire suppression system.

The panel made the following remarks about EnerOne: "The well-designed and the well-engineered fully integrated system has opened new avenues for installations in regions with harsh climate conditions and commenced the potential to drive down costs through integration across the value chain."

As of the end of 2021, CATL's EnerOne solution has been deployed in more than 25 countries with a proven track record of more than 11 GWh. 

Author : Debi Dash
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