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Climeon, Höganäs AB and Höganäs Energi partners for next-gen heat power tech

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Climeon has announced that it has agreed to a pilot installation of the company's next-generation heat power technology. Together with Höganäs AB and Höganäs Energi AB, Climeon will assess and optimize the next generation of heat power. The installation is anticipated to begin in the second half of 2021.

Jan Bardell, CEO of Climeon said "We are very pleased that Höganäs AB and Höganäs Energi have chosen to collaborate with us to evaluate and develop our new energy efficiency solution for the industry. This is a critical milestone in the work to launch the next generation of heat power technology."

In 2020, Climeon began work on developing the next generation of heat power systems. The new generation Heat Power is based on a scalable modular architecture that can handle a larger temperature range and has higher power output. The installation in Höganäs takes place outdoors and will be the first pilot installation of the new Heat Power generation. Residual energy from Höganäs AB is already distributed today as district heating to the urban area of Höganäs by Höganäs Energi. Climeon will integrate with both Höganäs AB and Höganäs Energi's facilities to efficiently utilize residual energy not yet used for district heating production. The installation work for the new Heat Power system is expected to begin in the second half of 2021.

Magnus Pettersson, Energy Coordinator for Höganäs AB said" We are constantly working to increase the use and usefulness of residual energy from our production facilities. This collaboration increases use and contribute to increasing the proportion of sustainable electrical energy."

We look forward to contributing to better utilization of residual energy, it will be another part of our environmental work with energy efficiency, says Benny Ulmestig, CEO of Höganäs Energi.

Author : Moulin Oza
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