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Cummins, Leclanché S.A. partner on low-emission solutions for Marine and Rail applications

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International power and technology developer Cummins Inc. and energy storage solutions firm Leclanché S.A have announced the signing of a MOU towards providing customers with a broader portfolio of integrated power solutions in marine and rail segments. 

The MOU enables Cummins and Leclanché to offer customers a wide range of hybrid, battery-only and fuel cell package solutions in marine and rail applications utilizing a variety of power sources such as engines, hydrogen fuel cells, battery packs and racks, as well as other components, according to their press statement. 

Recently, the company launched Accelera by Cummins, rebranding its New Power segment, to bring zero emissions solutions to markets even faster. "Cummins is focused on our Destination Zero strategy – to reach net zero emissions by 2050 and combining efforts with Leclanché enables us to provide a broader range of solutions to reach our goals, and help our customers accelerate their decarbonization journeys," said Gbile Adewunmi, Executive Director of Industrial Markets in Power Systems segment at Cummins. 

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He added, "Leclanché's portfolio of products tailored for Industrial markets aligns well with the Cummins core, bridge and zero carbon technology offerings." The latest accord also establishes an important relationship for the company to achieve its 'Destination Zero' strategy. 

"The agreement offers a unique opportunity for both companies to collaborate, combining our capabilities to offer bespoke solutions to help decarbonize both the global transport and energy sectors," said Phil Broad, co-CEO of Leclanché E-Mobility.

Leclanché's co-CEO Pierre Blanc commented on the new development, "Both companies possess a wealth of expertise in their respective fields and markets, and this, coupled with Cummins' well established global presence, will offer customers quality solutions to suit their needs in transitioning towards green energy and transportation."

Cummins and Leclanché will work together to optimize the installation, training, commissioning, warranty and aftersales support of these power source packages. The collaboration reinforces the companies' shared commitment to decarbonization, and fits nicely into Cummins' Planet 2050 Strategy. It is also a key step in enabling customers to have more efficient and cleaner operations, according to Cummins. 

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Author : Dhiyanesh Ravichandran
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