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Dow unveils three new silicone tech for advanced EV electronics applications

Image Courtesy: DOW

Dow has announced that it has introduced three new silicone technologies for electric and hybrid-electric vehicle electronics applications. These innovative new products – DOWSIL™ TC-2035 CV Adhesive, DOWSIL™ TC-4551 CV Gap Filler, and DOWSIL™ TC-4060 GB250 Thermal Gel – increase the already high value and versatility of Dow's silicones portfolio to meet the evolving needs of automotive electrification. Advanced features of these DOWSIL™ products include reliable performance, high thermal conductivity, controlled volatility for very efficient heat dissipation, and easy processing for enhanced productivity.

"To reach their full potential, electric and hybrid vehicles require material technologies that optimize their sophisticated electronics, including power electronics and advanced driver assistance systems," said Luc Dusart, marketing manager e-Mobility, Dow. "With decades of proven expertise, Dow continues to expand our silicone material solutions to successfully meet the industry's fast-changing requirements and regulations by providing greater reliability, safety, and performance. Through close collaboration, we are helping customers achieve their manufacturing goals while reducing their carbon footprint."

Technologies to Enable Low-carbon Mobility

DOWSIL™ TC-2035 CV Adhesive delivers high thermal conductivity, a fast cure, and outstanding room-temperature shelf-life stability for the assembly of automotive electronics, including advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) units and electronic control units (ECUs). DOWSIL™ TC-4551 CV Gap Filler also provides high thermal conductivity and reliable performance in automotive power electronics, ECUs, and ADAS.

New DOWSIL™ TC-2035 CV Adhesive and DOWSIL™ TC-4551 CV Gap Filler feature controlled volatility, which not only supports sustainability and regulatory compliance but also helps to avoid electrical contact failure that can occur due to the evaporation of volatiles.

Critical Heat Dissipation for Automotive Power Electronics

The third new product, DOWSIL™ TC-4060 GB250 Thermal Gel, provides the highest thermal conductivity of the new grades, at 6 W/m.K. The exceptional heat dissipation capability of this material, combined with very good dispensing properties, makes it an excellent candidate for applications such as converters, inverters, and onboard chargers for battery packs. This soft thermal gel also supplies stress relief and shock damping and performs reliably under high-power and high-temperature conditions.

DOWSIL™ TC-2035 CV Adhesive, DOWSIL™ TC-4551 CV Gap Filler, and DOWSIL™ TC-4060 GB250 Thermal Gel can also optimize production and reduce cycle times through features such as room temperature cure, primer less adhesion to selected substrates, and precise dispensing.

Author : Debi Dash
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