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Canada's e-STORAGE to supply 226 MWh batteries to Engie’s Scotland BESS projects

Colin Parkin, President of e-STORAGE (left) and Aidan Connolly, Head of Engie Battery Storage UK. Image: PR Newswire

e-STORAGE, a company that specializes in design, manufacturing, and integration of battery energy storage systems (BESS) for utility-scale applications, will deliver 226 MWh DC of turnkey energy storage solutions to French energy multinational Engie's projects in Scotland, the UK.

The news was announced by Canadian Solar Inc, parent of e-STORAGE. Under the agreement, e-STORAGE will construct two energy storage projects, each with a capacity of 56.5 MW / 113 MWh DC in Cathkin and Broxburn, Scotland. Both sites will be connected to the 33 kV network and are scheduled to reach grid connection in early 2025.

e-STORAGE has signed an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) agreement with Engie for the construction of both sites. Both BESS projects will employ SolBank, a proprietary containerized energy storage solution using robust and high-cycle capacity lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) cells, active balancing battery management system (BMS) and efficient thermal management system (TMS).

The Cathkin and Broxburn energy storage projects will support more than 40,000 homes and play a significant role in facilitating the UK's transition to net zero emissions by 2050. Engie acquired the Cathkin project from local developers last year, while the Broxburn site was acquired earlier this year. 

In a release, Aidan Connolly, Head of Engie Battery Storage UK, commented, "Engie is looking forward to working with Canadian Solar's e-STORAGE on our Cathkin and Broxburn BESS projects in Scotland. Serving alongside Engie's 2.1 GW of existing UK pumped storage assets at Dinorwig and Ffestiniog, these projects will build upon Engie's position as a leader in power flexibility in the UK."

Engie is targeting 10 GW of global battery storage by 2030 to help facilitate the global energy transition.

Colin Parkin, President of e-STORAGE, said, "Engie continues to demonstrate its commitment to the deployment of clean, renewable technologies, globally and we are looking forward to supporting our established partnership with ENGIE as we progress in executing our targets to deploy multi-GW of energy storage into the progressive UK energy market in the next few years."

e-STORAGE, headquartered in Canada like its parent, offers its own proprietary LFP battery solution, comprehensive EPC services, and innovative other solutions aimed at improving grid operations and integrating clean energy.

Till date, the company has implemented over 3.3 GWh DC of battery energy storage solutions across the US, Canada, the UK, and China, supported by its two fully automated manufacturing facilities with an annual production capacity of 10 GWh.

As of November 14, it had a contracted backlog, including contracted long-term services agreements, worth $2.6 billion.

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