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Industry.AI, US-based Sharper Shape partners for power grid management in India

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Industry.AI, the enterprise artificial intelligence subsidiary of power generator Bharat Light & Power Pvt. Ltd., has announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with US-based Sharper Shape to provide solutions for power grid monitoring and maintenance through aerial inspection using helicopters, drones, and other sensor packages.

The partnership will work towards providing solutions for asset management, vegetation management, and digital twin technology for electricity transmission, distribution lines, and substations in India, as the country moves towards providing uninterrupted power access to all and accomplishing net zero emissions.

"We will position cutting edge data collection and AI technology in India for grid management," said Tejpreet S. Chopra, founder, and chief executive, BLP Group. "Industry.AI is dedicated to developing new technologies to solve challenges, such as net-zero emissions and power for all."

Industry.AI has already installed its computer vision solutions for the safety and security of grid operations and substations.

Sharper Shape is a prominent provider of aerial inspection of power grid infrastructure and has deployed its asset management platform across 38,000 miles of powerlines in the US and Europe. The company has also used long-range drones for inspections in the US, South America, and Europe.

"Our partnership will unlock the strengths and capabilities of both organizations in providing cutting-edge inspection, AI, and digital twin technologies to the energy sector in India and the world," Sharper Shape CEO Chris Beaufait said.

Author : Debi Dash
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