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IRENA, GIZ inks partnership agreement for climate neutrality

IRENA Director-General Francesco La Camera and GIZ Board Member Ingrid-Gabriela Hoven during the signing of co-operation agreement

The energy sector is responsible for most of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions globally. To limit climate change, these emissions must be reduced substantially. The challenge for the energy sector is to become climate-neutral by 2050, while at the same time ensuring affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all – as stipulated in the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7.

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH are reinforcing their existing cooperation. IRENA Director-General Francesco La Camera and GIZ Board Member Ingrid-Gabriela Hoven signed a cooperation agreement to further increase common engagement. The main areas of cooperation are the promotion of the energy transition, supporting investment in renewable energy, and a global green economy in pursuit of promoting sustainable development.

Another important emphasis will be on advancing energy planning in support of clean energy transition. Investment in the energy sector has long-ranging consequences. Having a robust, long-term energy scenario based on planning is critical, also to seize opportunities and avoid potential risks. Planning the energy transition brings socio-economic benefits, reduces costs, and can unlock innovation and investment. Under the current network for long-term energy scenarios, IRENA and GIZ will support countries in building up and strengthening local skills. The collaboration will also support the dissemination of best practices among national energy planning practitioners.

"IRENA is a leading centre of excellence in the promotion of the global energy transition. It is a highly respected intergovernmental organization, with vast expertise around clean energy and a membership of more than 160 countries. GIZ is looking forward to further enhance our fruitful cooperation", GIZ Board Member Hoven stated.

"GIZ is a crucial partner for many developing countries and emerging economies and has been supporting sustainable energy and energy transitions for many years", IRENA Director-General La Camera added. "With its strong local presence in many countries, GIZ is an ideal partner for IRENA, and we are looking forward to further deepening our cooperation." 

Author : Debi Dash
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