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Pricol collaborates with France-based BMS PowerSafe for EV BMS mfg.

Francois Enez, Business Manager, BMS PowerSafe; Thomas Debuisser, CEO, BMS PowerSafe; Siddharth Manoharan, Chief Strategy Officer, Pricol and Benoit Lalande, Technical Director, BMS PowerSafe. (Source: Pricol)

Coimbatore-based automotive technology company, Pricol has signed an exclusive technology partnership with France-based BMS PowerSafe,part of the Startec Energy Group, to manufacture Battery Management System (BMS) for electric vehicles across segments.

Under the partnership, Pricol will have the right to manufacture and sell BMS for the Indian market. While BMS PowerSafe will develop the software and provide its platform as an end-to-end solution in consultation with Pricol.

Vikram Mohan, MD, Pricol said, "As part of our EV-specific growth strategy, we constantly evaluate business opportunities in the market to provide the best solution to OEMs. One of the areas we zoned in was the Battery Management System as it plays a vital role in any EV and complements well with our Driver Information System class of products in terms of integrations. In BMS PowerSafe, we have found an ideal partner who brings best-in-class solutions for BMS with proven technology that can be customized suitably as per OEM requirements"

Thomas Debuisser, CEO, BMS PowerSafe said, "Indian automotive industry is poised for exponential growth in electrification in the years to come. Pricol is an established player in this space as a solution provider with strong OEM connections and we are very excited to join hands with Pricol, wherein we bring our over 20 years of experience as a pure player in BMS and offer an end-to-end solution with the highest level of safety features." 

Author : Debi Dash
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