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Sunfuel Electric unveils 120kW superchargers, fastest EV DC charger in India

Rishabh S Mehta, Mathew Koshy, Gul Panag, and Sudhir Nayak amongst Team Sunfuel at the Unveiling of the fastest DC charger in India (Source: Sunfuel)

EV Charging startup, Sunfuel Electric has announced that it has ventured into the Highway Charging segment. The company has launched 'ExpressMiles', its Highway Charging Service, with the fastest DC charger for Electric Cars in India.

These 120KW superchargers on Indian highways will reshape the perception of EV charging infrastructure, especially for consumers who want to opt for high-end Electric Vehicles like Mercedes Benz EQC, BMW iX, Audi eTron, and Jaguar iPace. These cars can utilize the higher speed of the supercharger due to the higher C-Rate (Charge Rate) of their large battery packs. A commensurate supercharging network will also encourage other players to launch their high-end EV models in the Indian market. Superchargers on highways enable EV users to charge up and go in less than an hour in most cases. While this 120KW supercharger was launched from the factory in Pune yesterday, the first one of these will be seen in action on the Kalka-Shimla Highway when the ExpressMiles Highway Charging Service goes live early next month.

The launch event saw attendance from industry partners, EV Enthusiasts, and potential dealers who want to start their highway charging stations. Gul Panag, co-founder, and Head of Partnerships & Community at SunFuel Electric interacted with the participants, marking this momentous occasion.

While this 120KW supercharger, is most suitable for fast-charging high-end next-generation EVs from Audi, BMW, etc, it also works seamlessly with Non-Luxury EVs that are limited by the lower C-Rate (Charge Rate) of their batteries.

The newly launched supercharging service on highways, coupled with Sunfuel's premium destination charging network is aimed at enabling seamless electric travel across the country.

Gul Panag, co-founder & head of Community, Sunfuel Electric said: "I'm a proud EV user for well over 8 years now. I've seen electric mobility grow from an esoteric concept to an inevitable reality for the mainstream car buyer. Electric Vehicles are growing very fast as most people realize how they are fun to drive, easier to maintain, and cheaper to run.

As an early adopter of electric cars, I did face range anxiety, especially on my outbound trips. We are proud to have addressed both these issues with the launch of the fastest highway DC charger to our large network across the length and breadth of the country and tie-ups on a group chain level with hotel chains like Radisson Group of Hotels and IHG, making electric travel to far-off destinations seamless."

With the launch of this fastest supercharger, Sunfuel Electric becomes the first player to have a highway charger with a peak output of 120KW. The first, fastest DC charger will be installed on the Kalka-Shimla Highway and will allow for seamless highway travel across the country as more and more get installed. 

Author : Moulin Oza
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