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Tata AutoComp brings localized solutions for EV ecosystem | Auto Expo 2023

Tata AutoComp at Auto Expo Components Show 2023. Source: Dhiyanesh Ravichandran - ETN.

Indian auto components maker Tata AutoComp Systems Limited has laid key emphasis on high-end technological solutions for electric vehicles, from battery packs, high-efficiency thermal management systems, to EV chargers, at the Auto Expo 2023 Components Show. 

The company's display products include Lithium-ion battery packs, BMS, electric motors and drivetrains, EV controllers and reducers, patented battery covers made of sheet-molded composites, DC-DC converters, off-board EV charging systems, and so on. 

Further, some specific light-weighting solutions out of sheet-molded composites for application in electric vehicles was also exhibited. This apart, the company's advanced solutions on vehicles interiors, ADAS and safety systems, sensors, and vehicle auxiliary batteries (Tata Green Batteries) were also the highlights from the company's presence at the expo. 

Arvind Goel, MD and CEO of Tata AutoComp, while inaugurating his company's pavilion, said, "Our aims to achieve as much localization as possible, and we are demonstrating our design, engineering, and manufacturing strength as a full-service supplier across various domains". 

Tata AutoComp in diversifying into EV power electronics and related solutions to cater to the emerging demands from the local OEMs. The company is importing battery cells and BMS from Gotion to make robust battery packs for local and export customers. 

The company has also made partnerships with various technology companies on other EV solutions including EV charging systems. 

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Author : Dhiyanesh Ravichandran
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