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Vinssen delivers hydrogen fuel cell for ship propulsion pilot in Singapore

Image: Vinssen Co Ltd

South Korea's Vinssen Co Ltd, which specializes in the production of electric and hydrogen hybrid propulsion systems, announced it had successfully tested and delivered a hydrogen fuel cell system for a trial project evaluating the use of hydrogen fuel cells to power ships.

Yeongam-headquartered Vinssen is collaborating with Shell Singapore Pte Ltd (project sponsor), Seatrium Ltd (project developer), Penguin International Ltd (vessel owner and operator), and Air Liquide Singapore Pvt Ltd (hydrogen fuel supplier) to test the use of hydrogen fuel cells in maritime applications and confirm its feasibility as a marine fuel.

In a release, the company said its hydrogen fuel cell system had been delivered from Korea and would be installed on the Penguin Tenacity, a dry bulk vessel of carrying capacity 387 dead weight tonnage sailing under the flag of Singapore. Vinssen will also be responsible for installation, integration and inspect the hydrogen fuel cell system, the company said.

The main components of the hydrogen fuel cell system comprise Fuel Cell Module (FCM), Integrated Converter Module (ICM), Lithium-Ion Battery (LIB), and Transformer (TR) for vessel auxiliary power generation.

The system will be used for operations in Singapore for one year (starting 2024), and is a project to convert data from operations into real-time data to verify stability and performance.

The shipping industry is responsible for three percent of global emissions and is evaluation different fuels to reduce emissions.

Maersk, the world's second largest cargo shipping line, has ordered ships capable of running on green methanol, signed supply agreements for the green fuel and also backward integrated into manufacturing it. Studies show green methanol can reduce CO2 emissions of seafaring vessels by 60-95 percent compared with conventional fuels.

Maersk has also tied up with French shipping line CMA CGM to collaborate on research into potential fuels such as ammonia. CMA CGM itself has turned to gas-powered vessels, but also ordered ships that can use green methanol as fuel. Other companies are evaluating alternative fuels made from waste cooking oil.

Vinsson has also been tapped by South Korea's Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) to launch a demonstrator craft for a "hydrogen fuel cell propulsion ship fueling and operation" project under regulatory exemption from the ministry.

Once its design qualifies under MOTIE's regulatory exemption, the company will build a 16 meter leisure boat powered by a 200kW fuel cell system and 125kW battery hybrid system. Vinssen will also develop and operate mobile hydrogen fueling stations with vessel-specific monitoring technologies at the Daebul Industrial Complex's mooring station. 

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