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Zero Carbon Ventures, Levidian Nanosystems partners to bring CO2 reduction tech to the Middle East

LOOP device (Souce: Levidian Nanosystems)

Zero Carbon Ventures, dedicated to bringing carbon-reducing technologies to the Middle East, has announced that it has completed a major deal with British climate tech experts Levidian Nanosystems. The two companies are announcing a joint agreement to deploy Levidian's game-changing LOOP device, across the UAE.

LOOP is a patented rapid decarbonization device, designed to accelerate the world's transition to Net-Zero. It can crack methane, major climate-warming gas and a by-product of oil and gas extraction, into two highly marketable and useful industrial products: hydrogen and green graphene.

Zero Carbon Ventures has committed to deploying 500 LOOP50 systems over the next five years. With a focus on decarbonizing waste gas on landfill and gas flaring sites, they have already partnered with waste management and oil and gas companies, as well as government agencies across the United Arab Emirates. They will also deploy the first Levidian LOOP10 system at a site in Abu Dhabi.

A single LOOP50 device utilizing waste gas reduces CO2 equivalent (CO2e) by 100 tonnes per year. Throughout Zero Carbon's 10-year agreement with Levidian, LOOP devices will remove half a million tonnes of CO2e.

Martin Reynolds, Zero Carbon Ventures CEO "Zero Carbon Ventures' mission is to scour the globe to find world-class carbon-reducing innovations that can make a hugely positive impact in the Middle East. There's no doubt that Levidian's game-changing LOOP devices will do just that, producing both green hydrogen and high-quality graphene, right here in the UAE. Both products in turn will have a positive impact on many industrial processes. This is our first major deal that will have a real impact on our region, but it will be the first of many. We can't wait to get started."

John Hartley, Levidian CEO "It is very exciting to see our first LOOP device deployed in the UAE. LOOP is at its most powerful when decarbonizing waste gas to generate hydrogen and graphene. Methane is the most potent greenhouse gas and Levidian's mission is to turn this gas into a powerful tool for decarbonization. We look forward to seeing Zero Carbon's network of LOOPs growing over the coming years." 

Author : Debi Dash
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