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Omega Seiki and Attero join forces to tackle EV battery waste

Electric vehicle manufacturing firm, Omega Seiki Mobility (Omega Seiki) on Tuesday announced it has signed an agreement with Attero, India's largest lithium-ion battery recycling company, for recycling its electric vehicle batteries.

As part of the strategic partnership, Attero will recycle over 100MWh of EV batteries in the next 3-4 years. Beyond the domestic market, Omega Seiki and Attero will also cover ASEAN and Africa regions.

"With EV production on the rise, it is becoming critical for India to have a sustainable approach to recycle lithium-ion batteries. The improper disposal of Li-ion batteries is not only an environmental threat but also a wasted opportunity to extract rare materials," said Nitin Gupta, Co-founder and CEO of Attero.

With over 10,000 Omega Seiki Mobility electric vehicles currently in operation, the latest collaboration with Attero will play a key role in repurposing batteries into energy storage solutions.

Omega Seiki said it plans to deploy EV batteries total of over 1 GWh in the next five years, accompanied by a collective target with Attero to recycle over 100MWh of batteries in the next 3-4 years. 

Attero can currently process 11,000 metric tonnes of battery waste annually, and this capacity is slated to increase to 15,000 metric tonnes by next month, Omega Seiki said in a statement.

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