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Enapter to launch EL 4.0 AEM electrolyser, aims to simplify H2 production

AEM Electrolyser EL 4.0 (Source: Enapter)

The cleantech company Enapter has announced that it is launching the first standardized electrolyser suitable for mass production. In doing so, it seeks to boost the green hydrogen market by mirroring the success seen with the commodification, rapid uptake, and cost reductions of standardized solar modules. The AEM Electrolyser EL 4.0 is a one-size-fits-all solution for green hydrogen production – and the next step in replacing fossil fuels.

The EL 4.0 is the fourth generation AEM (anion exchange membrane) Electrolyser Enapter has been developed since 2017 – and the new version is smaller, lighter, and ISO 22734 certifiable. Enapter's technology combines the benefits of alkaline electrolysers' low-cost materials (steel instead of titanium) with the flexibility and compact size of PEM electrolysers. The standardized modules can be stacked and combined for projects of any size – to the megawatt scale, where Enapter's AEM Multicore comes into play based on identical AEM stack technology.

With its new model, Enapter wants to meet the strong demand for easily installable and integrable electrolysers. Customers have already made more than 400 orders, even before the market launch. Enapter has over 100 integration partners installing its green hydrogen generators around the world, driving decarbonization forward in sectors ranging from energy through to mobility, industry, and the built environment. The EL 4.0's simple plug-&-play integration significantly shortens the installation time for these integration partners.

"The next milestone on our mission: Replacing fossil fuels with green hydrogen", says Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, Co-Founder, and CEO of Enapter.

"The EL 4.0 will become a building block for system integrators, letting them rapidly deploy hydrogen production and enact the market ramp-up the world needs. We are sure that the future mass production of these AEM Electrolysers will fundamentally change the production of green hydrogen."

Series production of the new electrolysers is currently taking place at Enapter's Pisa, Italy site. First deliveries to integrators are planned for the summer. Mass production (> 10.000 AEM EL 4.0 modules per month) is scheduled to begin incrementally from 2023 onwards at the Enapter Campus – which is now under construction in Saerbeck, Germany. 

Author : Debi Dash
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