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Epsilon, Minviro partners for LCA for graphite-based active anode material products

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Epsilon Advanced Materials Pvt. Ltd (EAMPL) has announced a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment ("LCA") for its graphite-based active anode material products. Epsilon Advanced Materials has commissioned Minviro Ltd. (Minviro), a London-based globally recognized LCA consultancy, to build an LCA model and deliver an ISO-compliant LCA report, available for external communication, highlighting the environmental footprint of the production processes of EAMPL graphite-based active anode materials products.

The LCA will be a 'cradle-to-gate' study on the existing as well as a proposed expansion project. This means the life cycle impact of the product will be assessed from the point of mesocoke precursor production to the production of final products. The objective of this LCA is to study the environmental performance of producing Epsilon Advanced Materials' mesocoke powder, mesocoke granules, and graphite-based active anode materials products.

Producing graphite-based active anode materials for lithium-ion batteries is energy-intensive. Existing graphite supply chains often locate energy-demanding process stages in regions with low-cost energy. 

LCA is a scientific and robust approach to quantifying the environmental impacts of a product or service, to show the quantifiable impact of producing critical metals and minerals. It can also be used to identify impact mitigation opportunities for production chains, making it a critical step when developing projects.

Mr. Tushar Gupta, Business Head, EAMPL, states "We are excited to partner with Minviro Ltd, for the Life Cycle Assessment of our graphite-based active anode materials products. This study shows our commitment towards Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement. We would be studying the impact, by developing products that cater to the emerging needs for innovative, high-performance, and quality carbon products that support the ensuing energy transition to mitigate carbon emissions. The very low carbon footprint becomes a key competitive advantage when we are seeing an increased focus on sustainable raw materials for the battery industry."

Dr. Robert Pell, Founder, and CEO at Minviro added "We are excited to be working with Epsilon on quantifying the impact of their production process, especially considering the importance of the graphite to the low-carbon transition. Huge opportunities exist within the graphite supply chain to minimize environmental impacts and this LCA will help Epsilon Advanced Materials highlight their project's environmental performance and allow them to take steps to reduce their overall impact." 

Author : Debi Dash
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