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Ez4EV to launch EzUrja, on-demand mobile EV charging stations

Battery storage and charger development corporation Ez4EV has announced that it will soon provide on-demand mobile charging solutions EzUrja (easy oorja) for electric vehicles (EVs) at the locations selected by consumers. Like the mobile ATMs (cash dispensers), EzUrja can be positioned anywhere for supplying charging facilities to electric vehicles.

"Ez4EV Private Ltd is all set to launch its innovative mobile charging solution EzUrja (easy oorja) for electric vehicles in next three months to mitigate the range anxiety of EV owners and to instantly up the missing infrastructure for EV charging points in the country," Satinder Singh, CEO, Ez4EV said.

These mobile charging stations follow an innovative EV 'Charging-on-Demand' method and are administered as an Internet of Things (IoT) device, permitting for remote condition monitoring and organization of operations.

The Ez4EV plans to install multiple EzUrja's servicing EVs in cities and highways of the country more so as a product for smaller towns by establishing better EV connectivity.

Singh said, "EV development prerequisite is the charging point availabilities. In our country where customer delight is on a door-step delivery basis, we complement the same by providing India's first 'Charging-on-Demand' to ease the ride of an EV owner".

The shift from IC (internal combustion) engines to e-mobility entails efficient charging infrastructure.

The Ez4EV plans to solve the problem of inadequate infrastructure by implementing a network of autonomous EzUrja charging stations. With this, the company aims to become a key player in the innovative charging infrastructure market by delivering 'Infra-as-a-Service' for the Indian EV sector.

Given the present scenario, operators are hesitant to install stationary charging stations because of the lack of business cases and hence range anxiety for the owner.

For this, EzUrja comes in a variety of sizes with a dedicated power supply having slow and fast EV charging stations with a logistics management system to handle recharging, using 100 percent CO2 emission-free energy throughput.

The fully charged EzUrja Mobile guarantees a smooth energy supply for the entire range of slow or fast chargers supporting two-wheelers to commercial vehicles to premium EVs. More importantly, it ensures stabilized flow of energy with zero variables or surges 24x7 on call.

Aditya Puri, COO, Ez4EV also said, "EzUrja's technology compilation and localized fabrication is a challenge for the first stage developments, but we are happy with our vendors to have taken the imaginative steps in ensuring a robust development meeting global standards for the Indian and global markets". 

Author : Moulin Oza
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