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Fluence launches Gridstack Pro energy storage solutions for utility-scale projects

Fluence Gridstack Pro is an advanced energy storage solution built for the next era of utility-scale projects. Source: Fluence

Energy storage firm Fluence has recently unveiled its latest and advanced energy storage solution 'Gridstack Pro' designed for the next-generation utility-scale projects. The solution delivers an optimized design to help customers complete projects faster and generate revenue sooner, the company claims. 

Building on the success of the Fluence 'Gridstack' product line with over 12 GWh of systems contracted and operating globally, the new Gridstack Pro is designed for the largest and most complex utility-scale projects. 

The latest solution can handle more advanced data acquisition and thermal management, and enable full software control over all layers of the system architecture. It also accommodates higher power inverters to increase density, claims the manufacturer. 

"The industry must move faster to meet ambitious carbon reduction targets and accelerate the clean energy transition globally. Energy storage is critical to this transition and Gridstack Pro and the comprehensive supply chain we've built behind it are key enablers of the speed and agility that our customers need," said Julian Nebreda, President and CEO of Fluence.

Quoting BloombergNEF 2H 2023 Energy Storage Market Outlook report, the company expects an annual front-of-the-meter additions to hit approximately 158 GWh by 2030 in what Fluence calls as the "next era of global utility-scale storage". Therefore, customers need larger storage assets that can be deployed faster and are easy to operate and maintain, it adds. 

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Rebecca Boll, Fluence SVP and Chief Product Officer, commented, "Our extensive experience in deploying utility-scale storage systems around the world provides invaluable insights into our product design. With this knowledge, we developed Gridstack Pro to scale into a market now deploying significantly larger systems".

"From ease of installation and easier access to millions of points of system data, to better use of auxiliary power and more granular control of battery strings, we turned our lessons learned into product features. We have balanced system density and overall product performance while also carefully addressing supply chain and logistics challenges", she added. 

Fluence maintains that both the Gridstack and Gridstack Pro are designed with an uncompromised approach to safety. The battery range in these solutions include both LFP and NMC options, enabling flexible project design and scale dynamics.

Boll further said that Fluence's commitment to safety in our product designs and at every level of our business also helps streamline the permitting process for our customers. "These benefits enable customers to get the most value from their assets, ultimately completing projects faster and generating revenue sooner". 

Improved state of charge (SOC) accuracy, string-level control, and pre-integrated asset performance management intelligence are some of the highlights of the Gridstack Pro. The solution is also optimized for different storage applications in both 2- and 4-hour system configurations.

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