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Growatt unveils AXE LV battery system to empower off-grid solar ES

AXE LV battery system (Source: Growatt)

PV inverter and energy storage system provider Growatt has announced that it has added AXE LV battery system to its smart energy product portfolios, expanding market reach to meet the growing demand for residential off-grid lithium battery storage systems.

"The new AXE LV battery system covers a wide range of capabilities extending from 5kWh to 400kWh, which caters to differentiated needs from daily households to large business and industrial scenarios," said Lisa Zhang, Marketing Director at Growatt.

The modularity of the AXE LV battery system makes it easy to be installed with internal plugs, requiring no extra cable connections, while with all the external cables integrated onto one plug, its connection to the inverter is much more simplified. In short, this unique design greatly reduces installation difficulty and time.

In terms of safety, it enjoys multi-level protections from the inverter and BMS, such as cell security monitoring and balancing. Meanwhile, as a cobalt-free LFP battery, it stands out for its high-temperature resistance, strong safety, and stability as well as better performance of up to 5,000 charge cycles. It also has a longer life span of more than 10 years while traditional lead-acid batteries can only last two-three years. Generally, it holds more advantages in terms of the TCO ( total cost of ownership) for customers.

Regarding compatibility, the AXE LV battery system can be used with all Growatt's SPF off-grid series inverters. Moreover, it also works perfectly along with the SPH and SPA series storage inverters. 

Author : Debi Dash
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