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Nuvve, Spirii partners for vehicle-grid integration (VGI) tech in Scandinavia

Nuvve vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology (Source: Nuvve Holding Corp )

Nuvve Holding Corp and Spirii have announced that they have agreed to deploy vehicle-grid integration (VGI) technology in Denmark, the Nordics, and Northern Europe. The agreement will allow integration of both company's platforms to provide V1G (unidirectional) grid services and V2G (bidirectional) customer offers for electric vehicle (EV) fleets.

VGI encompasses both V1G and V2G charging to offer a range of opportunities made possible by Nuvve's GIVeTM V2G cloud-based software platform to meet various customer needs.

The Nuvve operations in Denmark have been a pioneering center for V2G operations in Europe with multiple EV fleets. Over the last four years, Nuvve has provided frequency regulation for Energinet, the Danish grid system operator, based on the Nuvve GIVeTM V2G software platform which complements the high percentage of offshore wind generation. Other services such as smart charging services and tariff management ensure that V2G always provides fleets with the lowest operational costs.

Nuvve has established strong local relationships in the region with DTU (Technical University of Denmark) and others from participation in local projects like Nikola, Parker, and ACES which demonstrated the capabilities and advantages of bidirectional V2G charging since 2013.

"The partnership with Spirii is a strategic step to fulfill the rising demand for VGI solutions in Northern Europe," says Mogens Løkke, Nuvve director of business development in the Nordics. "V2G is providing grid operators and energy retailers with precise solutions to anticipate the growth of electric vehicles. Spirii's dynamism combined with Nuvve's technology leadership will bring much-needed energy flexibility across the region."

Spirii provides simple, intelligent EV charging solutions that are future proof for companies, municipalities, entrepreneurs, and housing associations who want to run their EVs at the lowest cost of energy.

While Spirii is a relatively new company, the team has many years of experience in the e-Mobility industry. "Both V2G and V1G are key components in our grid support offerings and have high value for both society and customers. For many of our customers and partners, these components can lower the total cost of ownership as well as support the increasing demand for EV charging with limited grid-strengthening investments. Our collaboration with Nuvve will enable us to accelerate our grid-support offerings for our partners and customers," says Torben Fog, co-founder and COO of Spirii. 

Author : Debi Dash
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