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Statiq to install EV charging hubs in 17 locations of Nexus Malls

Source: Statiq

Indian EV charging network startup Statiq has teamed up with Nexus Malls to set up EV chargers at the parking lots of all their 17 malls across India. This collaboration will bolster EV charging facilities across the country at prime locations, thus helping multitudes of EV users, according to the company. 

As per Statiq's plans, each of these new charging hubs in the mall parking lots will offer a combination of slow and fast chargers, so that users can easily charge their E2Ws, E3Ws, and 4-wheeler EVs. 

The latest development inch towards the company's plans to add over 20,000 new EV chargers to its network before the end of this year, and help more EV users to stay charged and commute stress-free.

Co-Founder and CEO, Statiq, Akshit Bansal said, "Each commercial project of the Nexus Malls family is at an extremely popular social destination that sees footfall in thousands every single day - not to mention the busy weekends. Since Statiq aims to reach as many people as possible with each charging hub we install, this team up with Nexus Malls is quite strategic to us".

"We pride ourselves in a unique and consistent experience that we deliver across our portfolio of malls. We are happy to join hands with Statiq, it will add a new dimension to building a more responsible and sustainable future together. In addition to several other ESG initiatives which Nexus Malls has undertaken over years, the roll out of the EV charging stations will encourage and allow the company's customers to charge their vehicles while they continue to enjoy the curated shopping experience which we take great pride in delivering" said Nilesh Singh, VP, ESG and Business Excellence at Nexus Malls.

Statiq aims to provide an end-to-end ecosystem for EV charging. The company recently raised over ₹ 200 crores in Series 'A' funding. It have already teamed up with Hero Electric and Ather, to enhance the combined EV charging network in the northern states of India. 

Over the last year, Statiq had launched numerous charging stations to reinforce its already considerable network. By the end of the year, Statiq aims to have an approximately 20,000-strong charging network. Each location is handpicked for one singular reason – that it is located on busy routes with extremely extensive footfalls. 

Author : Dhiyanesh Ravichandran
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