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IESA Academy’s Advanced Energy Storage Manufacturing Masterclass

IESA organizing the "5th Masterclass on Advanced Energy Storage Manufacturing" to support Battery Gigafactories and supply chain ecosystem development in India. 

The world is experiencing an exceptional disruption in the energy sector. Global market trends undeniably define energy storage and e-mobility as the future growth areas. India is expected to emerge among the top three markets globally in the next five years due to the faster adoption of e-mobility led by 2Ws and 3Ws as well as the need for energy storage systems (ESS) to support the renewable integration of the electricity grid.

Advanced energy storage is a swiftly evolving technology sector crucial for 21st-century electricity grids. Battery Energy Storage (BESS) will play an important role in accelerating electricity and transportation decarbonization in India. The Indian Energy Storage market is gearing up for large-scale adoption.

Advanced energy storage technologies can play an important role in renewable integration, energy access, electric mobility, and the smart city initiatives of the government. Global battery manufacturers are responding with massive expansion plans, taking total capacity to more than 6,000 GWh by 2030 across 300 manufacturing facilities across the globe. It also presents an opportunity for supply chain companies to enter raw materials exploration, chemical processing, supply chain, and components business to support these Giga factories.

ACC-PLI Scheme to fast-track advanced manufacturing:

To aid this global transition and to capture the economic benefits at hand, the Indian government launched Production Link Incentive (PLI) for Advanced Chemistry Cell (ACC) Battery Manufacturing in 2021. The ACC PLI proposed an integrated program to facilitate and advance battery storage manufacturing in the country with an outlay of INR 18,100 crore earmarked towards the scheme. The intention is to establish an ACC manufacturing capacity of 50 GWh and a niche ACC capacity of 5 GWh. The program also set a target of a minimum of 60% domestic value addition to be achieved by the Giga factories by 2027. This has generated a tremendous opportunity for additional companies to get involved in the supply chain for the Giga factories, and explore export opportunities from Europe, the USA, and Southeast Asia.

IESA also expects 8-10 companies to enter battery Giga factories development in India including 4 PLI winners in the next 3-5 years. In the Energy Storage Manufacturing Vision document released last year, IESA also sees a potential for 100 GWh and 500 GWh manufacturing facilities to be developed in India by 2030 and 2035 respectively. Under India Battery Supply Chain Council (IBSCC), IESA is also working with 30+ national and international organizations to develop a supply chain ecosystem in India to support Giga factories in India as well as in the EU and USA. 

IESA Academy's Advanced Energy Storage Manufacturing Masterclass

India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) Academy has launched a series of masterclasses and training programs for empowering industry professionals to enhance their technical skills and gain valuable knowledge for on-site applications.

The upcoming masterclass i.e., Advanced Energy Storage Manufacturing Masterclass scheduled between 7th-9th July at IITM Research Park, Chennai will focus on equipping industry leaders with emerging advanced energy storage manufacturing technology skills for a greener tomorrow!

The Advanced Energy Storage Manufacturing Masterclass is a program designed to understand the policy framework, practical details of the Giga factory set-up, the supply chain opportunities and challenges in the Indian context, safety, international collaborations, and current and future market trends in the sector. This masterclass is also an opportunity to understand the areas of research and innovation emphasizing the need for focused skill development for a competitive workforce.

Dr. Rahul Walawalkar, President, Indian Energy Storage Alliance (IESA)

Commenting on the benefits of the focussed masterclass, Dr. Rahul Walawalkar, President, India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) said "IESA launched the initiative to focus on manufacturing policy for advanced energy storage technologies in 2016 and based on inputs from stakeholders, launched the Energy Storage Masterclass to help decision-makers from companies looking to tap into the opportunity for advanced energy storage and EV mobility in 2018. Over the past 4 years, 100+ CXOs of companies have participated in the masterclass and have benefitted from the opportunities being created by ACC Battery and EV PLIs as well as overall market development."  

IESA last year has launched the India Battery Supply Chain initiative to help develop a complete ecosystem for supporting Giga factories and this year's ACC Energy Storage Manufacturing masterclass is specially designed to provide key insights to decision-makers across the value chain. We are hosting this masterclass at IIT Madras Research Park with 20+ International experts including 2 lab visits, a fireside chat with industry stalwarts, and a business networking opportunity, Dr. Walawalkar further added.

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