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India's first MW-scale hybrid energy storage system unveiled in Haryana

Battery manufacturer, Vision Mechatronics Pvt Ltd has announced that it has delivered India's first megawatt-scale hybrid energy storage system for a solar-based microgrid.

The 1.094MWh (614.4kWH lithium and 480kwh lead-acid) hybrid energy storage project has been installed at Om Shanti Retreat Centre in Haryana.

The Retreat opted for a solar-based microgrid with a combination of lithium-lead hybrid battery storage system, which utilizes existing old batteries with the fresh new lithium batteries to give long duration backup; ensuring smooth power transition when the grid fails.

Speaking of the project, Dr. Rashi Gupta, Managing Director, Vision Mechatronics said, "Using a hybrid battery energy storage system has ensured that there is maximum utilization of existing resources at the time of addition of new ones to achieve a cost of energy at grid parity. Opting for hybrid energy storage model can help commercial entities reduce their initial CAPEX [capital expenditure] investment by 35-40 percent for a long-duration energy storage project."

"With the recent launch of ACC battery scheme, India offers a great opportunity for energy storage and e-mobility market and this is our contribution in making India truly Aatmanirbhar," she added.

Integrating solar energy with energy storage a microgrid is formed which supports the grid and can supply load even in absence of the conventional grid, this is especially useful in remote areas where there are weaker grids.

At present, lithium-based energy storage solutions are viable for only up to 4-hours, to achieve a commercially viable solution for about 8-18 hours Vision Mechatronics delivered the latest hybrid energy storage system. The hybrid energy storage, the company claims, is a combination of "worlds smartest lithium batteries" together with tubular gel batteries (lead-acid variant).

The microgrid effectively performs the functions of backup, frequency regulation, grid feed, voltage regulation, Black Start, smooth power transition, and diesel replacement. The system also has preventive and predictive monitoring to detect faults in advance to ensure smooth and reliable functioning.

"This unique project will add a lot of value to the campus and enable us to offer wide and uninterrupted services to the society," said Sister BK Asha, Director of the Om Shanti Retreat Centre. The Retreat Centre is the largest North India campus of the socio-spiritual learning centre of the Brahma Kumaris.

The first MW-scale hybrid energy storage was unveiled by the Additional Secretary-General of the spiritual centre, BK Brother CA Brij Mohan in presence of other senior staff and K.S.Popli- Consultant to International Solar Alliance, Dr.Rashi Gupta-Managing Director, Vision Mechatronics Pvt Ltd, T K Singh- Director, Electromech Controls (EMC).

Tobias Winter, Director at Indo-German Energy Forum SO-Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Subhramanyam Pulipaka , CEO NSEFI, and Reji Pillai, President- India Smart Grid Forum also visited the project site. 

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