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Daily Shorts: Mexican governor eyes EV investment from Tatas, lithium miner tests new extraction process

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Samuel Garcia, governor of the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, is meeting executives in India as part of his plans to attract EV investments in the state, Reuters reports. Tesla has announced a $5 billion factory in the state, and Garcia is meeting executives of auto companies including Viney Corp over a planned $200 million investment. He is also scheduled to meet executives from the Tata Group, which earlier this month chose UK for its European battery plant.

The world's largest lithium producer is testing a new method of procuring the critical mineral, the company's CEO said. US-based Albemarle is testing a direct lithium extraction (DLE) technology that will allow it to extract the metal from existing bromine operations. DLE is used to group multiple methods that promise to double extraction rates, but have yet to be commercialized. Exxon is also reportedly eyeing the technology for a lithium foray.

Indonesia's flag carrier said it was testing jet fuel mixed with palm oil as part of its efforts to reduce emissions. In a statement, Garuda said the airline flew a Boeing 737 with ATF containing 2.4 percent palm oil. Indonesia is the world' biggest producer of palm oil, and the island nation is keen to expand its usage: earlier this year, it has implemented a 35 percent palm oil blend for biodiesel. Aviation has committed to Net Zero by 2050, and airlines such as Air Canada are testing alternative jet fuels too.   

US EV company Fisker launched its pickup truck Alaska, joining Ford, Tesla and Rivian in the competitive marketplace. The company is eyeing a slice of the pie based on its lower price but high design proposition. Alaska production is slated to start in early 2025. The vehicle is based on the same platform as the company's Ocean SUV, which will be available in India in limited numbers. 

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