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Enpower Greetech develops 100 Ah li-metal battery for next-gen EVs

100Ah Lithium Metal Battery (Source: Enpower Greentech)

Enpower Greentech Inc. has announced that it has developed a 100Ah lithium metal battery (LMB), another major step in the commercialization of next-generation batteries for electric vehicles.

The breakthrough comes on the heels of Enpower Greentech's newly developed ultra-high energy density (450Wh/kg and 520Wh/kg) LMB in 2021, as well as its safety credentials secured in June 2022.

Enpower Greentech's high-capacity battery cell adopts its proprietary flame-retardant electrolyte solution, which enhances safety without compromising performance. The weight of a single cell is 0.821kg. The cell has a capacity of 102.4Ah (0.1C discharge), a gravimetric energy density of 479Wh/kg, a volumetric energy density of 910Wh/L; internal resistance of ≤1.0mΩ. The cell also has a low self-discharge rate (K value ≤2.0μV/h, at 30 percent SOC), which is less than 10 percent that of graphite and silicon anode-based traditional lithium-ion batteries.

Enpower Greentech, with subsidiaries in China, Japan, and the U.S., fosters cross-border collaborations to achieve a competitive edge in the development of next-generation batteries. It has expanded its product line, developing a 10Ah to 50Ah LMB for the drone and electric aircraft (eVTOL) markets. Enpower Greentech is also developing an all-solid-state LMB and plans to deliver Ah-class pouch cells for external testing by the end of this year. The company plans to start production of 100MWh-scale and GWh-scale LMB manufacturing lines in 2023 and 2024, respectively. 

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