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MAHLE ups the ante on Electrification solutions with its 2030 strategy

Arnd Franz, Chief Executive Officer of MAHLE GmbH, along with in infographic on MAHLE's energy efficiency solutions. Source: MAHLE
Global auto component supplier MAHLE has announced its strategic reorientation towards the emerging technological and market transformation in the automotive industry. The company, at its annual press conference held in Stuttgart today, declared that electrification and thermal management as well as components for high-efficiency green internal combustion engines are the core components of its MAHLE 2030+ corporate strategy.

The company has claimed that its sales potential in connection with electric cars is expected to be three times as high as with internal combustion engines. "With a large number of innovative, high-efficiency products for e-mobility and our proven system competence in thermal management, we will leverage growth opportunities," said Arnd Franz, Chief Executive Officer of MAHLE GmbH.

With 2022 registering an extraordinary progress in terms of orders received for its various automotive solutions, Mahle expects further growth in sales and higher profitability in the current year.

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In 2022, the group claims to have received new orders for more than €11 billion, about half of which are not dependent on the internal combustion engine. The strongest growth was experienced in the business units of Thermal Management and Electronics and Mechatronics – both having significant relevance for e-mobility, Mahle adds.

Further, MAHLE has affirmed a solid financial backing for its strategic reorientation in the form of committed credit lines and liquid funds totaling €2.3 billion. This figure includes a loan of €300 million granted by the European Investment Bank for the development of zero-emission vehicle technologies, the company revealed in the press conference.
MAHLE's SCT electric motor for EVs. Source: MAHLE

Within the framework of its electrification strategy, MAHLE is focusing mainly on electric drives and smart charging. The company is promoting two new types of electric motors, including the Superior Continuous Torque (SCT) electric traction motor that can deliver high power continuously and best-suited for use in commercial vehicles.

The Magnet-free Contactless Transmitter (MCT) electric motor, on the other hand, requires no rare earth elements and works extremely efficiently without wear, according to the manufacturer. In MAHLE chargeBIG, the company has an EV charging solution for parking lots, in addition to its wireless charging project together with Siemens.

Other e-mobility relevant products include high-efficiency modular thermal management systems including battery cooling plates and heat pump systems. The value creation potential for thermal management is significantly higher in EVs than with the ICEs. Hence, products like electric compressors play a significant role in energy efficiency.

MAHLE has developed an electric compressor that is claimed as the most powerful in the world, with a rating of up to 18 kilowatts. To date, the total order volume for electric compressors has reached €1.4 billion, it claims.

Its advanced battery cooling plate supports fast charging, long ranges and a long service life for sensitive lithium-ion batteries, while Mahle's innovative heat pump systemshelp reduce the energy consumption of EVs and call for less batteries.

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The supplier is also eying hydrogen combustion engine space to offer its expertise and advanced products that boost energy efficiency. The group supports more green internal combustion engines powered by hydrogen and synthetic fuels and intends to win market shares. "Our customers appreciate our continued support for the internal combustion engine in connection with our strategy," said Franz.

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