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WardWizard partners with iCreate to foster EV Start-Ups in India

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Indian E2W company WardWizard Innovations and Mobility Ltd. has announced a strategic partnership with iCreate - India's leading innovation-based start-up incubator - to mentor and fund promising EV start-up's in India. 

Through this partnership, WardWizard will facilitate active mentorship for entrepreneurs at iCreate's campus in Ahmedabad to enhance subject matter expertise and further their technological innovations for the accelerating EV industry, according to a press statement. 

The partnership between WardWizard and iCreate is aligned with the vision of the government's 'Start-up India' program, which seeks to support entrepreneurs in building a robust start-up ecosystem and transforming India into a country of job creators.

Speaking on the collaboration, Yatin Gupte, Chairman and Managing Director, WardWizard Innovations & Mobility Limited, said, "Through our partnership with iCreate, we are looking to foster the exchange of ideas with promising start-up's and help them with our market knowledge and experience to understand the industry better. We will be working at the grass-roots level, providing the best solutions, guidance to build a strong ecosystem for them. As the EV industry in India continues to grow rapidly, we are looking to work with bright minds and support them in ushering in an era of new technology, products, and services in the country."

As a part of the initiative, WardWizard will nominate subject matter experts and senior leaders to identify and evaluate breakthrough innovators through boot camps and jury rounds. Shortlisted start-up's recommended jointly with iCreate will stand a chance to receive funding, technological support and establish industry partnerships as per their merit and Technology Readiness Levels (TRL).

Commenting on the partnership, Avinash Punekar, Chief Executive Officer, iCreate, said, "Our partnership with WardWizard aims to identify breakthrough innovators in the Indian EV space and scaling them to solve real world industry problems. With our combined expertise and the potential of home-grown innovations, we are committed to revolutionizing the future of mobility in India. iCreate is proud to partner with WardWizard in empowering budding entrepreneurs with transformational ideas."

WardWizard is also participating in iCreate's Evangelise'22, India's largest EV innovation challenge that is underway, to monitor and provide support for the pilot deployment of promising technologies.

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Author : Dhiyanesh Ravichandran
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