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ACCURE’s new software features give advance notice to prevent battery fires

The predictive analytics software provider for energy storage systems, ACCURE Battery Intelligence (ACCURE) recently announced several safety-focused functionalities in its Accure Safety Manager Solution that would prevent li-ion battery fires.

The latest innovation introduces an intuitive battery safety scoring system, data-informed action recommendations, and mission-critical alerting across multiple communication channels ACCURE stated. More significantly, the software provides weeks of advance notice of safety-critical problems, empowering operators to act before a battery incident occurs thereby preventing thermal runaway incidents which can spark fires or lethal explosions.

"We go well beyond the capabilities of an onboard battery management system in identifying safety risks," said Dr. Kai-Phillip Kairies, CEO and co-founder of ACCURE.

"We analyze operational anomalies, identify error patterns, and use this information to evaluate the entire system. Our solution gives battery operators the knowledge to make informed decisions among all their battery portfolios."

Battery fires continue to remain a safety concern for EV automakers globally. The incidences of battery fires have cost EV companies billions in damages and lost revenue and ACCURE's latest innovation to the software helps users get safety insights before the incident.

According to ACCURE Safety Manager accurately predicts problems weeks before an incident by the processing of large amounts of data with cloud computing. ACCURE's predictive analytics software uses physics-based modeling and artificial intelligence to regularly monitor and detect over 20 safety-relevant anomalies. These include cell and module defects, battery management system errors, and cell damage caused by environment-related factors such as poor HVAC performance.

Having readily available battery safety insights in advance serves as a big plus for owners and operators, allowing them to realize substantial operations and maintenance (O&M) and insurance savings while safely managing the risks of energy storage.

These latest updates empower battery operators with proactive insights to prevent catastrophic events," Kairies added.

"With the ACCURE Safety Manager solution, we go beyond cost containment and unplanned downtimes, analyzing anomalies and providing data-based recommendations to avoid problems. Our intuitive dashboard, safety scoring system, and mission-critical alerts enable strategic management of these important assets, saving costs, increasing revenue, and ensuring peace of mind." 


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