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Villara Energy Systems launches VillaGrid, lithium titanate ESS

VillaGrid energy storage system (ESS) (Source: Villara Energy Systems)

Villara Energy Systems has announced the launch of its state-of-the-art home battery, the VillaGrid. This revolutionary energy storage system (ESS) is the first of its kind to harness lithium titanate chemistry. Delivered with a 20-year warranty, the VillaGrid is designed to be the safest, longest-lasting, most powerful, and efficient battery on the market, with the highest lifetime usable energy and the lowest lifetime cost of ownership.

"We set out to engineer a battery that would last twice as long and provide twice the power," says Villara Energy Systems President, Rick Wylie. "Today, we're excited to present that battery to the world."

The VillaGrid represents a quantum leap forward in home battery technology. It delivers double the power of leading competitors, enough to start up to large air conditioners. The VillaGrid is also far more efficient, with less than half the energy loss of competitors, turning more of a homeowner's solar power into usable electricity. The VillaGrid operates across a wider temperature range, performing in extreme climates where competitors cannot.

The VillaGrid energy storage system is complementary to home solar panels which charge the battery. As homeowners face rising electricity rates, unplanned power outages, and Public Safety Power Shutoffs, the VillaGrid can help them reduce their electric bills and better endure blackouts.

"Imagine a car is introduced to the market that runs on a new alternative fuel, gets 200 miles per gallon, goes zero to sixty in one second, and comes with a six-million-mile warranty. That's the VillaGrid. It's a fundamentally new battery technology that delivers more power, more safety, more efficiency, and more useful life," says General Manager of Villara Energy Systems, Garrett Woodroof.

As an aging power grid struggles to support increasing demand, state and federal agencies aim to ease the energy crisis by offering tax credits and other incentives to homeowners and home builders who invest in home energy storage systems. In the face of extended power outages and rising energy prices, many homeowners are leveraging these subsidies to secure their personal energy independence.

Author : Debi Dash
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